Murals of Freedom

Murais de Liberdade
Photo: Projeto Ruído
Photo: Projeto Ruído

Take the urban art route “Murais de Liberdade” (“Murals of Freedom”) and participate in the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April 1974, a moment of renewal, freedom and unity that marked the transition to democracy in Portugal. 

Find out more about what happened on this historic date by appreciating works of urban art by the “Ruído” group, while touring the cities where the most important events of the Carnation Revolution took place. The murals, highlighting themes and symbols related to freedom, humanism and democracy, can be found in 14 locations, representing all regions of the Portuguese mainland and islands. 

São João da Madeira | “No more blue pencils ever again”

In São João da Madeira, old factories are part of the local history and are points of interest worth visiting in the city. Take an organised tour to discover this industrial heritage or explore independently. Visit the Hat Museum, the Oliva Art Centre, an old sewing machine factory converted for use as a contemporary art venue, or the Viarco pencil factory, which served as inspiration for the mural “No more blue pencils ever again”, which is the motto for the celebration of the 25th of April and freedom in this city.

Under the New State’s regime in Portugal, blue pencils symbolised the censorship of cultural and artistic production. They were used to cut texts considered unacceptable by the regime, especially passages that could be interpreted as criticising the ideology of the day. The 25th of April brought an end to censorship, allowing previously silenced voices to be heard and enabling the free expression of ideas and opinions.

Bragança | Popular Demonstrations

The city of Bragança, in the far northeast of Portugal, was strategically important for the defence of the Portuguese border. Its medieval urban core is still preserved within the castle walls to this day. Get to know the heritage of this location, including the Domus Municipalis, the Cathedral, the Graça Morais Contemporary Art Centre and the Iberian Mask and Costume Museum, among the various places of interest. 

Don’t miss the urban art route in Bragança. When passing through Largo Forte São João de Deus, you will be surprised by the mural, on the walls of the old barracks, dedicated to the first popular demonstration organised by the MFA (Armed Forces Movement), which took place on the 27th of April 1974. The demonstrations showed the people's support for the revolutionary movement and were fundamental in consolidating the ideals of democracy, highlighting the active role of civil society in changing policies and its transformative power.

In the artistic language of the “Ruído”, group, other murals will be created throughout the year to celebrate the historic moment and the values achieved by the Carnation Revolution. Stay tuned; they will be revealed on this page as they come to fruition.

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