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  1. Abrantes
    Towns and Villages
    Situated on a hillside next to the River Tagus, Abrantes has always been an important place in terms of military strategy, since from its highest point one can enjoy an immense panoramic view, including most of the River Tagus, and extending to the (...)

  2. Albufeira street
Place: Albufeira
Photo: Turismo do Alentejo
    Towns and Villages
    The progress has turned Albufeira into a city with tourism and leisure as its vocation but the streets in the hold Cerro da Vila (mediaeval area) still preserve the picturesque appeal of whitewashed houses and steeply narrow streets. In Travessa da (...)

  3. Alcácer do Sal
    Towns and Villages
    Alcácer do Sal
    Graciously laid out over the right bank of the Sado river and rising up a gentle slope, Alcácer do Sal has been settled since the earliest of times. Archaeological remains have been found that date back to the Neolithic period not to mention (...)

  4. Alcanena
    Towns and Villages
    At the foot of the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains, an area classified as a Natural Park, the village of Alcanena underwent considerable development in the 19th century, when several factories involved in the tanning industry were established. It was (...)

  5. Alcobaça
    Towns and Villages
    Alcobaça lies in the valleys of the Rivers Alcoa and Baça, which according to some authors is the origin of its name. It has also been suggested that it was the Arabic name of the place which was split to name the two rivers.Alcobaça owes its fame (...)

  6. Alcochete
    Towns and Villages
    Alcochete was founded by the Moors and called "Alcaxete", meaning ovens, which is thought to be due to the large ovens for baking clay that existed here. Alcochete was captured by Dom Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, in the 12th (...)

  7. Alcoutim
Place: Alcoutim
Photo: Odiana
    Towns and Villages
    Alcoutim´s origins are presumably linked to the fact that it is situated at the place where the Guadiana becomes tidal. The vessels that traded metals and other wares were obliged to wait at this spot for hours, until the river conditions allowed (...)

  8. Alenquer
    Towns and Villages
    Of Moorish origin, the village of Alenquer was recaptured for the Christians by Dom Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal, in the 12th century, in his offensive towards Lisbon, which is only 35 kilometres from Alenquer. Alenquer is popularly (...)

  9. Alfândega da Fé
    Towns and Villages
    Alfândega da Fé
    The town has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as can be seen by the numerous archaeological remains that have been found in the area. Its name comes from Arabic - "alfândega" meaning inn - to which the words "da fé" (of the faith) were added (...)

  10. Alijó
    Towns and Villages
    Located in the heart of the Douro demarcated region, its importance is closely linked to the production of wine, for many of the estates that produce the famous Port Wine are to be found in this municipality. The town´s first charter dates back to (...)


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